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Your First Visit

Appointment Overview

When scheduling your appointment, please take into consideration that dilation may make you sensitive to light; we recommend you bring sunglasses or a pair of disposable glasses will be provided for you.  Please also consider transportation arrangements for safe and comfortable travel home.  Your first visit at Retina Center of Ohio is a comprehensive eye exam.  Our goal is to complete the exam from appointment time to check-out within an hour.  We ask that you provide our Patient Care Coordinator with general information over the phone while scheduling your appointment to lessen the time of your visit.  You can also download the "General Patient Information" form on this site, fill out and fax/mail/email it to us to prepare for your appointment.  After checking in, one of our technicians will perform an assessment of your medical history, medications, symptoms, check your vision and eye pressure, and then dilate your eyes in preparation for your thorough examination with Dr. Huang. 


Check In

Upon checking in, you will be requested to present your photo ID and insurance cards.  Our Patient Care Coordinator will scan copies of all identification cards necessary for our records.  We will take a photo of you to be saved to our electronic records system for insurance fraud prevention.  Lastly, you will receive a printed copy with a personal identity code, password and instructions to access the patient portal at  You can log on to the patient portal website at any time from your personal computer to communicate with our office and review your medical records from Retina Center of Ohio.


Please Bring

Please bring a photo ID, any medical insurance cards, a list of your current medications (with dosages and frequencies), a list of questions you may have for the doctors, and any medical records to help the technicians/doctor prepare for your examination.

Eye Exam, Diagnostic Testing, and Treatment

Our team of technicians have advanced training in diagnostic testing with over 50 years of combined clinical experience and will work with the doctor during the examination.  Nearly all appointments will require dilating eye drops to improve our ability to meticulously examine your eyes and recommend options for your condition. In-office treatments, surgical discussions, and complex issues may take longer, but we strive to keep our visits to one hour.  We recognize that your time, and that of other patients, is valuable.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, efficient, timely, and compassionate care.


Check Out

Following your comprehensive exam, you will be led to the check-out area where your next appointment will be scheduled, as requested by Dr. Huang or Dr. Varley.  You will receive a printed summary of your visit from the patient portal. On the portal, you will be prompted to enter your "identity code" and "security question" listed on the paper received upon checking in. You will also be able to send a message to our office.  Try it!

Downloadable Forms





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